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21st of January

Slowology will be my most "commercial" release. In a sense that I aim purposely on large and cinematic ambient sound.

My aim is to create audio visual experience, that will focus on creating relaxing atmosphere. I have recorded lot's of 

ideas and try to keep this work as natural as possible. In a sense that you play what you feel at the moment of 

recording with minimum re-takes.

30. of December 2019 

Some update for what I'm working with in 2020.

1) SYNA2, a 8-step sequencer. DIY synth designed and built by me. Analog Oscillator, analog filters. Well, digitally controlled analog filters. First prototype is almost ready.


2) "The Casino". A musical. Writing the story and music from scratch. Something that I've worked for many years now. Hopefully I'll finish it and someone will actually play it!


3) "Slowology". Ambient music and visuals. Final format will be HD videos with ambient music and visuals synced to the music. I will release the music as separate album also.


4) Some gigs in Finland.


Happy new year and thanks for listening!

1. of September 2019

Music from our Anti-Gravity show is now released. Available via major digital distributors.

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