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October  9th 2020

"Icescapes remastered" is now available via Amazon, iTunes and various other platforms. It is remastered version of my release Icescapes. Ambient journey into icy landscapes.






September  12th 2020

I have released remaster of  "7 songs from Autumn". It is music from my very first livestream from 2015. If you like my ambient releases I think you will like this one too. Available here:

September  5th 2020

I have released an album "Piano  in the living room". It is a remastered version. I had the rare opportunity to record a Russian 19th century  grand piano. Album features 5 compositions and one impromptu.

Album available here:

July 5th 2020

I have released an album "Musiikkia Raision teatterille".

It is an album of music I composed for various theatre plays for city theatre of Raisio. It contains various of styles, from ambient to comedy, from drama to children's play. Accordion on few tracks by Marika Vainio.

For me it was great to learn from actors/actresses and from whole production team what it takes to build an play. I found it difficult to balance with the power of music. How to support the scene and try to enhance the actor/actresses feeling without overcome or to underperform. 

I will donate 100% of income from sales to the city theatre of Raisio.

June 12th 2020

Synastasia is now remastered and is available here.

May 23rd 2020

All Anti-Gravity livestreams now done. Thank you for watching. 

12th of April 2020

I will perform and livestream Anti-Gravity on May 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2020 21:00 Helsinki Time. Stay tuned for more info.

4th of April

Slowology is now released. Available via digital distributors. Please note that now means 0-6 days depending on seller platform. Take care.

4th of March

Ambient collection 2020 is now released. Due to lost package of CD's I decided to 

release it in digital format only. Available here.

15th of February

I will release "Ambient collection 2020" on March 14th 2020. It will contain remastered tracks from my works from 2007 to 2020. Please contact me if you wish to receive your copy.

12th of February

I break my promise not to release anything in 2020. Here is a collection of my ambient and classical orientated works. Properly re-mastered collection of 23 tracks. Most are released earlier but are difficult to find. Some are completely new releases.

Hopefully you enjoy these. Most are improvisations and played with feeling and recorded as it is. That's how I do. Hit record and play. I'm not technically skilled player. I just try to play what I hear inside.

Available for 5 euros (you can listen for free) at:

21st of January

Slowology will be my most "commercial" release. In a sense that I aim purposely on large and cinematic ambient sound.

My aim is to create audio visual experience, that will focus on creating relaxing atmosphere. I have recorded lot's of 

ideas and try to keep this work as natural as possible. In a sense that you play what you feel at the moment of 

recording with minimum re-takes.

30. of December 2019 

Some update for what I'm working with in 2020.

1) SYNA2, a 8-step sequencer. DIY synth designed and built by me. Analog Oscillator, analog filters. Well, digitally controlled analog filters. First prototype is almost ready.


2) "The Casino". A musical. Writing the story and music from scratch. Something that I've worked for many years now. Hopefully I'll finish it and someone will actually play it!


3) "Slowology". Ambient music and visuals. Final format will be HD videos with ambient music and visuals synced to the music. I will release the music as separate album also.


4) Some gigs in Finland.

Happy new year and thanks for listening!

1. of September 2019

Music from our Anti-Gravity show is now released. Available via major digital distributors.

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